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What's TeachByMe?

TeachByMe is a subscription service that makes you the top educator of your child. We offer personalized lesson plans, homework solutions, long term goal planning - anything you need, really.

How It Works


1. Send us your Goal

Send the situation to us through text or email.


2. Relax

Rest assured knowing our educators are working on it. 


3. Get a Lesson Plan in Your Inbox

Within 24 hours. Guaranteed. 


4. Teach it and Be Happy

Enjoy the benefits of being an amazing teacher for your child!

Watch Samantha's story to see TeachByMe in action now.

Who are you connected to?

Our educators have college certification, full time teaching experience in the grades they provide lessons for, and a passion for teaching.

What ages do we work with?

TeachByMe is for parents of children from Pre-K to 5th grade.

What benefits can you expect?

Parent involvement is the single most important factor in a child's life success. With TeachByMe, you can expect better grades, more confidence, and a greater parent-child relationship.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Not happy with the service? All your money back, every time.


"The lesson was perfect for teaching multiplication. Sasha has made great progress over the past two weeks."


"I was surprised how much my daughter could be helped. [TeachByMe] has a keen eye for approaching lessons. "

— Amanda

"It really surprised me how much I was doing wrong. [TeachByMe] gave me a great lesson for approaching spelling with my son."

— Marie

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