Helping parents around the world be better teachers

Who We Are

TeachByMe was started by teachers who recognize the difficulties that parents face in teaching their children. As class sizes rise and school budgets go down, home education is becoming more and more important. We recognize that, and we're here to help.

What We Do

TeachByMe gives parents the tools to be great teachers. Unique lesson plans, unlimited homework help, and support in handling social-emotional issues.

Why We Started

The average tutoring lesson is anywhere from $30-$50 an hour. Most families can't afford that on a consistent basis. TeachByMe gives parents the tools to tutor their own child at an affordable price, while still providing high level educator insight and advice.


"The lesson was perfect for teaching multiplication. Sasha has made great progress over the past two weeks."


"I was surprised how much my daughter could be helped. [TeachByMe] has a keen eye for approaching lessons. "

— Amanda

"It really surprised me how much I was doing wrong. [TeachByMe] gave me a great lesson for approaching spelling with my son."

— Marie