Frequently Asked Questions

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What age group is TeachByMe for?

TeachByMe is for children ages 1 through 13.

What if I don't use all my lesson plans?

When you fill out a child profile, you also tell us a day that would work best for sending you lesson plans. In the event that you haven't requested any for a week, we'll automatically send a lesson plan to you on that day.

So, for example, let's say you have a son or daughter in 2nd grade who you want to help improve in math, and you set your best lesson plan day as Monday. If you don't request a lesson plan during the week, then we'll automatically build and send a lesson plan to you each Monday.

Where do I send my lesson plan or homework help requests?

You can either text us at (413) 591-2341, or email us at; we'll respond within 24 hours.

Can I use it for more than one child?

Yes you can. Just specify who you are talking about when you email us.

Do I need a printer?

TeachByMe will provide printable materials, but focuses on lessons that are easily recreated with pen and pencil. Be assured that no matter your resources, TeachByMe's lessons will be applicable to you.

Who will be helping me?

Our educators have three requirements:

  • Experience educating children in a professional setting
  • College certification in education
  • A passion for teaching.

TeachByMe strives to give you the absolute best resources possible, and our hiring reflects that. You can be sure that whoever you are connected to knows what they are talking about.

Is everything personalized?

Yes. Every time you send a question, TeachByMe will respond with a lesson that fits your child, and instructions to help them specifically.

What if I don't like an answer?

Make note of it in your next email. There are many styles of teaching, and we'll make sure you aren't placed with that educator again.